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Khiva tours, UzbekistanThere are many cities that are interesting and beautiful in Uzbekistan, but the most ancient, furthest and beautiful of them is Khiva. The legend says that earlier in the days, one of the three sons of Noah ordered to dig a well (heyvak) and that well gave clearest and tasty water, and the city grew around it, that was Khiva. Whether it's a fairy tale or a true story, but there is still a well in Ichan-Qala, the old part of Khiva, which is told to be that very well.

Khiva tours will introduce you to the city full of eastern charm, where time seems to have stopped. When you are in Khiva, it is hard to believe that somewhere there are hectic megapolises with skyscrapers. Here, in little Khiva, all looks as it was many years ago: minarets, narrow crooked pebbled streets, walls of medrese adorned with colorful mosaic and ornaments, turquoise domes merging with the clear sky, people still live in the houses of their ancestors, swallows build nests on the fortress walls.
Khiva tours Khiva tours Khiva tours

In Ichan-Qala, the inner part of the city, with preserved monuments, it is forbidden to erect any building now. It was Ichan-Kala, the first monument in the whole of Central Asia, inscribed on the List of World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Ichan-Qala is a citadel, inner city, that is said to have used the same clay while building that was also used in Medina. Visiting Ichan-Kala is an indispensable part of the excursion in Khiva. There's an unbelievable density of amazing sights: a citadel complex Kunya-Ark, complex of the Palace Tash-Havli, minaret Kalta-Minor completely covered with glazed tiles, famous mosque Juma with its 213 carved columns, minaret Islam-Hodja and many others. And around the citadel there is an outer city - Dishan-Qala, that is worth having a walk around.

Tour in Khiva is a walk in the city-museum under open-sky where every old building and every narrow street tell you about the history.